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Great Platforms Beat Great Products

eXalt’s platform brings together multiple products and services together into richer, more personalized experiences with threads of Digital Labor. These Digital Threads make countless connections across the value chain among customers, processes, employees and partners - quickly increasing demand for products and services and generating additional value for various users. Businesses accelerate their processes allowing them to do more with less resources.

Digital business platforms are the new blueprint for how companies will build, connect and deliver applications specific to industry problems and opportunities. But the platforms themselves are just building blocks of a new concept for creating value.


Digital Interface

Build More Relationships

Digital Process

Collaborate More

Digital Analytics

Realize More Actionable Insights


Digital Rules

Leverage More Knowledge

Digital Transactions

Get More Work Done

Remake your Digital front door

89% of business leaders believe that customer experience will be the primary basis for competition by 2016 versus 36% four years ago. (Gartner)

Digital Interface (Request Engine) – Build More Relationships

Meet Customer Expectations with self-service: 70% of consumers expect self-service and look to email and phone as a last resort. Its critical to make a good first impression with potential buyers.

Advise on Solutions not Products: Consumers are increasingly looking for bundled, or combined experiences tailored for them and are less interested in simple transactions. Since 70% of the purchase decision is made before contacting a sales rep your site must be the first ADVISOR not the rep.

Personalize for each type of user: Don’t miss the opportunity for personalized self-service to strengthen your customer relationships as 48% of Buyers would like to receive personalized offers.

Digital Rules (Rules Engine) – Leverage More Knowledge

Democratize Knowledge and Skills: eXalt’s Knowledge Bases clone mindsets of experts and give them a virtual presence. Now every user has their own virtual advisor.

Digital Process (Routing Engine) –Collaborate More

Standardize Processes: Insure that Best Practices are adhered to every time for every transaction.

Become a Borderless Enterprise: 81% Believe that in the future industry boundaries will dramatically blur into interconnected ecosystems.

Gain Control : Business People specify rules to initiate processes without risk of human error.

Digital Transactions (Transaction Management) –Get More Work Done

Streamline the Process: What used to require dozens of “Tools” – Portals, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Visio, Adobe now is a single automated flow.

Become Connected: Easily access and blend data from inside and outside your enterprise with rich API’s.

Cut Time with Automated Document Generation: What used to take hours of manual copy paste is now seconds.

Stop Revenue Loss: The first to allow ease of ordering or to return a high quality quote, SOW, contract or proposal usually wins.

Remake your Operational Flow

Digital business platforms are the new blueprint for how companies deliver valueadd. (IDC)

Use self-aware Intelligence

Only 28% of businesses believe they are generating strategic value from the data that they collect (Accenture)

Digital Analytics (Analytics) – Realize More Actionable Insights

Gain Visibility: Now processes can be viewed end to end. All downstream activity can be monitored.

Self Audited Transactions: Intelligent systems tell you when there haven’t been responses

Realize Smarter Faster Decision Making: Intelligent systems automatically find correlations and can make recommendations faster based on larger data sets

Improve Compliance: Insure all open actions are closed with a full audit trail.