Meet Your Digital Workforce

People and digital co-workers come together to bring out the best in each other

Better Together

Traditional outsourcing and automation has reached a plateau in delivering efficiencies. Companies have spawned hundreds of “tools” that require human operators – “knowledge workers”. This Human Middleware operates dozens of homegrown spreadsheets, email queues, screens and tools inside and outside their company by following a complex and cumbersome set of process steps. When companies hit peak demand this Human Middleware becomes a bottleneck. Turnover and illness can threaten revenue. Become an agile enterprise with an eXalt powered digital workforce to lower cost structures and improve response times with low touch business processes.

We are entering an era that will …. challenge one of our most basic assumptions about technology: that machines are “tools” that increase the productivity of workers. Instead, …Technology has evolved beyond being “tools” to being autonomous workers.

- Martin Ford, Rise of the Robots

Your Digital Co-Workers

Let your digital workforce blend customer experiences and improve efficiencies while building immunity to disruption.

Digital Advisors

Give customers the same assistance as they would get from a team of the world’s best experts across multiple brands for Enterprise Solutions.

Give their buyers tailored solutions blended from multiple brands. Capture mindshare through personalized and engaging experiences with eXalt at the first step of the customer journey.

If you aren’t meeting customer’s increasing requirements for self-service someone else will.

Digital Administrators

eXalt’s Digital Administrators can make routing decisions directing requests to the appropriate person or system according to your business rules. Our platform lets you transact “business without borders” collaborating seamlessly inside and outside your company with people and technology.

Stay competitive with eXalt as consumerization of products and services is trending toward lower prices and margin - requiring LOWER TOUCH Business Models.

Digital Analysts

Digital Analysts can analyze and find correlations on large data-sets many times faster than humans.

Gain insights faster and make better informed decisions.

Predict trends, understand customers, improve performance, and predict behavior faster than your competition.