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Meet your new co-worker who never gets sick, never takes vacations and will never quit: a chatbot.
Chatbots are here to stay in the digital workplace and companies that wish to remain competitive in the future will ultimately use them. So what changes should we expect when chatbots become our co-workers?


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April 2018 - Better Together: Embracing the AI Wave to Disrupt and Win

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Leslie Swanson discuss the following:

  1. What does eXalt Solutions offer that makes it so “disruptive”?
  2. Why did you decide to create eXalt Solutions- was there a need in the market that was missing?
  3. What do you think is the future of the workforce?
  4. What do you offer that nobody else does? How is your version of AI different?
  5. What advice would you give to businesses today? What will happen to businesses who don’t leverage AI/technology in their business?

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February 2018 - Interview with Leslie Swanson, Founder and CEO at eXalt Solutions

Our philosophy is Better Together – making every customer interaction richer and faster. We use AI rules-based digital advisors for the front office to make buyers and sales teams smarter, and digital administrators for the back office to cut repetitive tasks. Ultimately, we aim to be the best friend of sales teams by helping them to sell more, more profitably. We are leaders in the B2B sales space because it is a complex environment in which we have extensive experience.


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While the digital workplace is here to stay, change continues all around us. The changes companies must manage and adapt to in a digital workplace are impacted by many internal and external factors including technology, budgets, business model, politics, location, processes, leadership, legal and tax barriers.

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February 2018 - Why B2B Needs Knowledge Bots instead of Chat Bots

Chat Bots are being viewed as one of the best methods to engage customers in B2C by offering instant response times in an easy to use conversational interface. However, these traditional chatbots are not equipped to address the complex requirements of today’s B2B customers who expect in depth answers to their questions. To address this, companies need to incorporate the use of KNOWLEDGE BOTS, not CHAT BOTS into their customer experiences. A Knowledge Bot is capable of adapting the dialog for complex conversations based on knowledge-based Rules more extensively than a Chat Bot.


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The 451 Take
eXalt is addressing a key problem common to most B2B organizations. The company has several things in its favor. Conversational interfaces are becoming increasingly relevant but activity is concentrated mostly on B2C and (to a lesser extent) business-to-employee (B2E) chat bots and applications. When it comes to B2B, there are not many examples and because it involves manual processes with many steps and individuals, this process is ripe for disruption. The company has developed technology that has proven effective to address this challenge and eXalt has several live deployments to serve as proof of concept. Furthermore, the complexities in B2B sales give eXalt a lead in this emerging space. Its main challenges will be articulating its value proposition and creating awareness to effectively execute its go-to-market strategy.

451 Research

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This week, eXalt Solutions unveiled its new chatbot interface for its Knowledge Work-as-a-Service platform, promising to provide a rich, contextual experience whether independently or web-form-based.

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